Wednesday, July 28, 2010

6. Youth In Revolt - 2009 (USA)

Some say Michael Cera is type-cast as the loveable but socially inept teenage boy searching for love... I say, why not let him be when he does it so damn well?

When you look at his CV - Arrested Development, Juno, Superbad (to name a mere few) - and then take into account the writer (Gustin Nash is responsible for 2007's Charlie Bartlett - the story of a bullied mis-fit teenager who becomes his high school's resident psychiatrist doling out pain killers to his classmates) then you know that no one but Michael Cera could have played Nick Twisp. Or, really, his alter-ego slash multiple personality Francois Dillinger.

The story is pretty stock-standard - boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back again. But the way in which this is played out is where the fun comes in, and it is pretty fun. I would have liked Francois to have been introduced a little more before his appearance though, or at least the idea that Nick was prone to such mental instability that could have created a multiple personality. After Nick meets Sheeni, Francois kinda just... appears. Still, he's just so cool you can forgive it pretty easily. And who doesn't like Michael Cera in those white pants and boat shoes??

For me though, dear readers, the syntax of the screenplay and the indie-style direction from Miguel Arteta make this movie another notch on Michael Cera's already impressive belt. I wouldn't go so far as saying his best, but Michael Cera is not the only thing that makes this movie so enjoyable.
I highly recommend.

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