Monday, August 2, 2010

7. 11:14 - 2003 (USA)

You know those movies that have four or five different mini stories that end up being interconnected somehow and all the characters actually know each other in these really random and round-about ways? So then you know how often these movies are usually set up so poorly that the relationships connecting the characters are about as original as original flavoured Hubba Bubba, and the mini stories are all (gag!) romantic comedies.

Well then 11:14 is the saviour of the multiple story genre. Set in a small town, the film shows five events on a random night in everyday America, all culminating at 11:14pm. From the first quirky scene you just know a domino effect is being set off, each event indirectly causing the next. It's incredibly clever, and darkly funny at times.

For such a small indie film the cast is amazing, showing off the young talent of Rachel Leigh Cook, Colin Hanks and Hilary Swank against the more experienced likes of Patrick Swayze and Clark Gregg. The characterisations are believable and relatable, even when penises are getting cut off and dead bodies are being passed off as dead deer to police... Yep.
Writer/director Greg Marcks' attention to detail is brilliant, and is definitely the secret to 11:14's success in the interconnecting stories area. It's also amazing considering Marcks was a spritely 27 years old when this film was released.

I picked this one up on one of those random circles around the weekly sections of my local video store when there were no good new releases out, and never looked back. A definite recommendation for anyone after a mind-blowingly smart, funny and highly entertaining crime/thriller. Need I say more?

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