Monday, August 16, 2010

8. Scott Pilgrim vs the World - 2010 (USA)

We all know how much I love Michael Cera (he can do no wrong in the eyes of me) but you may not yet be aware of my love for Edgar Wright. He's the brilliance behind such cinematic wonderment as Spaced (BBC TV series staring Wright's favourites Nick Frost and Simon Pegg), Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. And now, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
Where do I start on this one? Like pretty much every other main character of Wright's, Scott Pilgrim sees his world through pop-culture goggles. His life is based on video games, and this makes for terribly amusing viewing. The door bells actually go "ding-dong", his "pee-bar" reduces when he goes to the toilet, and when he kills someone "K-O" flashes across the screen and the bad guy bursts into coins. It's brilliant.

Like most films Michael Cera stars in, the syntax and style of dialogue is fast-paced and incredibly clever; and of course is also completely based on video games and pop culture. No one of gen Y could see this movie and not be entertained, it's almost farcical in it's portrayal of life in your early 20s trying to make sense of relationships. You're laughing at them 'cause you're laughing at yourself. But also you're just laughing at them, this movie is one of the freaking funniest films I've seen in yonks!

I don't think I have to go into the plot too far - Scott is in a band, living with his gay best friend Wallace (sidenote: best role I've ever seen Kieran Culkin in) and a bit screwed up from his last relationship. Enter Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead - fantastic btw) the girl of Scott's dreams (literally.) Enter also her baggage of 7 evil ex's, all of which Scott has to battle to be with Ramona. But seriously guys, I'm not telling anyone who wants to see this movie (or has any idea about anything cool) anything they don't already know plot-wise. What you might not know though, and pleasantly surprised me, was the awesome soundtrack to the movie provided mostly by Scott Pilgrim's band Sex Bob-Omb. It's totally indie, and they do some pretty solid rocking out.

I honestly cannot do this movie justice with mere words, it's just something you gonna have to go see and fall completely in love with yourself. Another notch on Michael Cera's belt, another gold star for Edgar Wright, and another movie for me to ramble about to anyone who'll listen.
10 out of 5!

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