Monday, June 20, 2011

10. Mr Brooks - 2007 (USA)

In your local DVD rental store, this little gem will be found in the thriller section, but what makes this different from your everyday, run of the mill thriller is that usually you don't tend to like the killer. You might know who the killer is, you might understand why they kill, but you don't like them. You definitely like Mr Brooks. And not only that, you like his split personality Marshall (played brilliantly by William Hurt) who acts as Brooks' personified addiction to killing.

So I've already set up the story a little: Kevin Costner plays Brooks - a rich businessman who is addicted to killing and has it down to a fine art. Dubbed the "Thumbprint Killer" from his habit to leave behind a singal thumbprint in his victims' blood, he has all Portland's homocide detectives stumped. His alibi is his intense pottery hobby, which also serves as a good way to destroy evidence when it's done (a kiln is a great idea for any aspiring serial killers.) He wears a bag over his hand and gun, catching the bullet casings, and uses the victim's vaccuum to get rid of any possible hairs or fibres he might leave at the scene before destroying it all, including his outfit right down to his undies, in the kiln back at his pottery studio. Seriously, this guy is good.

BUT this time Brooks swears he's done with killing, and turns his attention to pottery for real, eating icecream with his wife (played by C.S.I's Marg Helenberger, how appropriate) and his AA meetings to get him through his addiction. All until his daughter unexpectedly comes home from college, turning his controlled life inside-out, at the same time as a peeping tom (Dane Cook) decides to blackmail him with pictures of his latest killing. To make matters worse, a smart detective with nothing to lose (Demi Moore - sidenote: I usually despise her, but rather enjoyed her performance in this movie) seems to be the first making any headway in the Thumbprint Killer case. Brooks' bad side, personified in Marshall, knows how to make all his troubles "disappear", however nice-guy Brooks is determined to find solutions to all the above without having to kill again. Their compromise is truly an entertaining watch.

I picked this up for $6 as an ex-rental at my local video store and never looked back. I've since recommended and lent it out to many of my friends and family answering their inquisitive "Oh yeah, what's this about then?" with my go-to reply of "It's just good, watch it 'cause it's just damn good".

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